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  • We send you a list of properties and you go drive by and pick as much as properties you like.

  • We perform a market analysis of properties you selected.

  • We do all the possible due diligences and reported to you.

  • You decided final bidding price.

  • Then we bid for you.

  • We have few plans for Investors or owner occupied, please call for details.

  What is A trustee Sale ?


When the owners of the property misses at least 3  Mortgage payments then receive Notices of Defaults   if they don't clear defaulted loan with their Lender, next  step is Notice of Trustee Sale, if again home owner  didn't settle with their lenders defaults loan goes to trustee sale and lender will auction the property to cover their loss.

Higher bidder usually gets the property, However, if no  one bids at Foreclosure Auction then Lender officially  take over ownership and property become REO.

After bidding is over, if property is still occupied by owner or tenants, we negotiate the eviction in most cases eviction process takes between 1-3 months.

If interested please call call for more processing details!

Reza "Ray" Sedighi


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