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What is a 1% Listing Fee & Why do Real Estate Agents Offer it to Sellers?

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The commission is important in real estate because it is the fee that real estate agents charge for their services. The real estate commission is typically 6%, but usually, most of the agents charge 5% percent of the home’s sales price. The commission is divided between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent which means 2.5% from each side.

A 1% listing fee is a reduced commission rate typically offered by experienced real estate agents to win a listing and get more listings. Experience agents like the Citywide Group team will not discount their service even if they will offer more free services, their designer will prepare sellers’ homes for sale free of charge.

We work in Los Angeles and California for 1% Listing Side Commission Only.

Does 1% Listing Fee Work?

Yes, please check or and compare it with the service other realtors provide.


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